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Kids on the Ark
Kids on the path


Nursery Ages 0-3


West Minot’s nursery ministry, exists with the same goals and heart as West Minot church. We want to minister to children while they are in our care and present the message of the Gospel to them at a young age.


As a child grows, we want to focus on the foundations of faith, which will last them a lifetime. As each child moves from class to class, they will be nurtured, provided boundaries, taught the Word of God, and given an opportunity to respond to the message they have heard.


We are a “well” nursery. This means that we proactively look for signs of illness before allowing children into our classrooms.  We are also a safe nursery. We have a secure check-in and checkout system. Anyone who works within our nursery has undergone a background check.


Our nursery is open on Sundays and Wednesdays 15 minutes before and after each service or class. 






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