July 15 - 19

9am - noon, daily


Please call the office, 839-1407, to register your child(ren). It's FREE, we just need some information (child name, age, guardian name, contact, etc.).

Items Needed

We are still in the process of finalizing what we need. Please call the office or check back in to find what items we need.

Items to Borrow


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FREE! Call the church at 839-1407 to register

Worship Services



                      Sunday School          9:30 am  BEGINS 9/15

                      Worship Service       10:30 am



                     Family Training Hour Meal       Off 'til fall

                     Family Training Hour Classes   6:30 pm

                     Young Adults                                8 pm







West Minot Church of God

1105 16th St. NW. 

Minot, ND. 58703


(701) 839-1407