Ladies Ministries


We know life gets more difficult, stressful, and busy (amongst many other things) as the years go by. Our desire is to have great fellowship amoung women where we can spend time relaxing and "not go crazy."


Ladies Board Members


Meet the members of the Ladies Board. These ladies help plan, set up, coordinate and even clean up after all the events and activites.


If you have an idea for (or questions about) a Ladies Event or Mentor activity, please contact one of these Ladies.

Ladies Connections:


Our purpose is to encourage spiritual growth, personal development, leadership and fellowship among women; and to build relationships through a ministry of caring that contributes to our home, church, community and the world. 



April 19th, 6pm


Past Events:


Click here to see some pictures from past events and activities.

Worship Services



                    In Church Worship Service              10:30 am



                     Word & Worship Family Service    6:30 pm







West Minot Church of God

1105 16th St. NW. 

Minot, ND. 58703

(701) 839-1407

ABC Childcare

1105 16th St. NW

(701) 852-6352